Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

We are quickly approaching Spring over here at Sandy Shores Village! Isn’t that crazy? That means we are also quickly approaching Spring cleaning. Even crazier! It is the perfect time to de-clutter your space and create even more space. It’s shocking what we can accumulate over time.

The new Marie Kondo craze has taken off and it makes complete sense! If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, she’s a famous author and recent Netflix sensation, that has perfected the art of tidying up and making the most of your space. Her motto is simple: Keep what sparks joy.

Whether you are moving into a new home, creating extra space in your luxury apartment, getting a jump start on your Spring cleaning, or you just binge watched the Marie Kondo special on Netflix and you must start organizing immediately, this blog post is going to help you out!

Apartment Storage UNDER THE BED

Different storage options that you can easily hide are the easiest solutions to storage in small spaces.

You don’t have another room to pack in all your stuff (and you don’t really need it!), so you need to make the most out of the space you have.

Try adding bins on wheels underneath your bed to create additional storage for your clothing or even wrapping paper and seasonal décor! I use this storage method underneath every bed in my home. The wheels make the bins easier to access and work on all flooring types.

There are also plenty of options to match your style from wicker to white wood, and even clear plastic. Having clear bins makes it even more helpful to directly see what you are storing so you can skip the process of labeling or having to remember!

HANGING STORAGE for small spaces

Another great place to create space is behind doors! Sounds crazy, right? Keeping things behind closed doors?

The options for this type of storage are limitless for every room in your house! Create additional storage for shoes, small handbags, and accessories by hanging an over-the-door organizer like this one. This design is mesh so it’s easy to see and easy to access. (TOP LEFT).

(BOTTOM LEFT) This design is great because it is multi-purpose and easy to install! It can be hung over your bedroom closet door to create additional storage for your jewelry and makeup. It also doubles as a long mirror! We all need that right? Plus, using mirrors in your home décor makes the room appear larger. 

It’s great to use an organizer like this for your accessories to eliminate the process of jewelry tarnishing. This organizer is lined and has a clasp to ensure it’s closed, and air doesn’t seep in to oxidize fashion jewelry!

Trying to plan before you move? Check out our gallery, for inspiration!


KITCHEN STORAGE ideas for small spaces

Not every apartment home is going to offer an amazing kitchen like Sandy Shores Village.

The luxury design on the cabinet finishes, the ample space inside the cabinets, and the pre-installed shelving in the pantry is a dream come true! However, if you are looking for some extra space, try something like this to hang over your pantry door.

Maybe, put the food items that are just for you on the top shelf, so the kids don’t raid your chocolate stash. This shelving would also be a great place to store non-food items like trash bags, sandwich bags, or even pet treats!

We can’t forget about our pets we love being pet-friendly!

give your apartment a makeover with DECORATIVE STORAGE

Some storage solutions are so cute you want them to be seen. This storage caddy is adorable and can be used in so many different ways. It can be used in a bathroom or kitchen for additional storage, stashing art supplies, a guest bedroom side table, or even organizing all of your beach day essentials!

There are so many options! This caddy is great because it’s on wheels, making it easy to go from room to room and the colorful metal is a plus. A storage option like this can add a pop of color into any room of your apartment home and create a fun and stylish storage solution.

storage ideas for small spaces: You Don't Have to feel cramped.

 All these storage solutions are simple, affordable, and are rental friendly! No walls will be damaged while installing these pieces and neither will your bank account. Creating storage solutions in your luxury apartment will be fun. So, this Spring, challenge yourself to simplify your home and embrace your small space!

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