Ideas For Your Home Office

Ideas For Your Home Office

These days, home offices are quickly becoming the norm. With the Coronavirus pandemic still surging, more people than ever before are having to adapt their homes or apartments into home offices. At Sandy Shores Luxury Apartments, we are also strong believers in the fact that creativity brings productivity. We also believe that creating a stylish personal area to call your own can do wonders for your wellbeing. After all, your home reflects your unique personality, so why shouldn’t your home office? In this blog post, we offer some ideas to incorporate into the creation of your home office space. 

Home Office Ideas

Whether you’re running a business, doing freelance work, or need a space to do billing and general household management, you need a space that serves you specifically. Boring, cluttered areas can hinder your thinking process. Consider what your ideal space would look like. You definitely want something that’s functional, yet particular to your needs and desires. 

Are you a minimalist, or do you prefer a louder, more lavish style? Do you seek a rustic feel, or are you all about modernity? Whatever your style may be, we’ll offer some tips that you can incorporate into your home office to really take it up a notch.

Location is Everything

Not everyone has a whole room that they can designate as their office space. If you do, awesome! If not, that’s okay too! When choosing a space in your home or apartment for a workspace, keep your surroundings in mind. That includes people, too. If you have noisy roommates or kids, you might want to find a place that offers more seclusion and room for concentration. 

Think about where and when you do your work. Whether you like to get up early before the sun or stay up late into the night might affect where you want your workspace to be, depending on who else is in your household. Be mindful of the location, not just for others sake but for your own. Consider where you will feel the most comfortable and have the least amount of distraction. 

Give Yourself Some Space

Spatial awareness is key when it comes to keeping an organized workspace. You don’t want your home office to be so cluttered that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed or claustrophobic. Giving yourself enough room to move around and stand up and down freely can do wonders for your mental capacity. 

When choosing an area, make sure you don’t feel constricted or packed in too tight. Aim for a nice open spacious feel. Luckily, at Sandy Shores, we offer wide open floor plans that give you more than enough room for your office area.

Only the Essentials

As with any office job, you’re going to need the essentials. In this case, you want to stick to only the essentials so as not to overcrowd your work area. Start with a desk and chair. 

For your desk, look for something that provides enough space for you to comfortably do your work, but still fits into the dimensions of the area you’ve selected. Think about what you will be doing while working at this desk. Are you an artist or a writer? Are you doing research or sales marketing? What supplies will you need daily and where will they fit on your desk. You likely need enough space for a computer. Other considerations may include reference materials, books, paperwork, a printer, or pens and art supplies. 

If you can’t fit it all on top of your desk, that’s okay – it’s what storage is for. A lot of desks include side drawers or cupboards already on them. If not, you have other options (see below). 

For the chair, we cannot stress comfort enough. For people who sit for long periods of time, a comfortable office chair can go a long way. Pulling up a chair from the kitchen table might not be your best bet, as they weren’t designed for sitting for long periods of time. You may need to invest in a chair specifically made for office work. Trust us, your neck and back will thank you later. 

Storage, Storage, Storage!

If your desk doesn’t come with built-in storage, fear not. Shelving, filing cabinets, in-trays, and cupboards are all available options and can likely fit either on or around your desk. 

Think about what you will be using on a daily basis and the materials that you will need to get your work done. What will you be using, how often will you need it, and where will you store it after? These are all questions you should ask yourself when purchasing storage and organizers. 

We recommend keeping all your essentials (computer, paper, pens, etc.) within arms reach. It can end up saving you a lot of time and energy if what you need is close at hand. 

Lighten the Mood

Having good lighting is vital in a home office space. If one thing is for sure, you don’t want to mimic those headache-inducing lights found in almost every corporate office building. Harsh or dim lighting can not only dampen the mood, it can also have negative health effects

If you have the opportunity to position your desk towards or near a window, go for that. Natural lighting can be incredibly beneficial for boosting creativity and productivity. Besides, if you live at Sandy Shores, think about how nice it will be to open up the window and feel that refreshing ocean breeze.

For early mornings, late nights, or days with obscured sunlight, you should always have some backup lights. An overhead light or floor lamp can be great sources of light, but sometimes they cast a harsh shadow which can interfere with your work. Consider purchasing a desk lamp for when you need that extra bit of direct light.

Make it Your Own

Last but not least, add some personality! The great part about a home office as opposed to a work office is that you have the final say in what it looks like. Want some spunky art hanging from the walls? Go for it. It is up to you how you want your home office space to look and feel. Add framed pictures, potted plants, or even your favorite knick knacks around your desk to liven it up and make it your own. 

Good Luck Designing Your Home Office!

At Sandy Shores Village in Orange Beach, AL, we care about your comfort. As all of us seem to remain subjected to our homes during this time, it’s important that you stay happy and productive. Taking these steps to spice up your workspace from home can really make a difference. 

If you aren’t already living with us, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (251) 301-9790 or visit our website to schedule a tour today.

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