How To Host Thanksgiving in an Apartment

How To Host Thanksgiving in an Apartment

Hello Everyone! Have you started decking your halls for the holiday season? You probably haven’t even considered how to host Thanksgiving in an apartment. No judgement here.

We are fa la-la-la lazy over here and still on a candy high from our Halloween Event. However, we are going to shine some much needed light on the forgotten holiday: Thanksgiving. Seriously, it’s a holiday to really be thankful for. It’s a day for feasting, family, and fat pants. What’s not to love?

Providing Insight for Hosting Thanksgiving in an Apartment

Today we are going to provide some tips on how to host Thanksgiving in a small space.

Luckily, residents at Sandy Shores have a great open floorplan concept with a full bar and tons of room in the kitchen. That really helps when you are creating a feast for family and friends!

However, we believe that with these extra tidbits, you can add some relief to your holiday hosting madness and fun for your guests!

host thanksgiving in an apartment

Pre-plan for Thanksgiving:

The best thing you can do to host Thanksgiving in an apartment is to pre-plan and prepare. Select some recipes that you can make in advance and warm in the oven the next day.

You are going to want to mingle with your guests and not be knee deep in pie making during the process.

Pre-make delicious casseroles and desserts that will be decadent and your guests will be wondering how you have it so together!

If you can’t have everything pre-made, try to have everything made beforehand, that you can. Even if it’s as simple as mixing the first round of ingredients.

We’ve selected some delicious make ahead recipes that are saved to our Pinterest Account!

Traffic Flow For Holidays in an Apartment:

Sandy Shores floorplans are great because they are open, allowing the flow of your guests to maneuver easily. We love that Sandy Shores Village has a dining room and a full bar, which makes it so you can have optional seating areas, depending on how you are hosting your Thanksgiving feast.

If your Thanksgiving dinner is taking more of a traditional route, the dining room area can accommodate a large table. This will be an opportunity for the host to create a fun tables cape with pumpkins, gourds, and fun place cards so you can tell your guests where you want them when it’s time to dig in.

If you are going for a little bit more of a relaxed approach, you can use bar stools at the bar and create a buffet style feast on the counter space in the kitchen. You can make fun stations for each of your guest to visit and stop by before returning to their non-assigned seats. We love the buffet style approach. It’s much less awkward to grab seconds this way!


This one is a big one every year. Parking is always limited in a neighborhood. To eliminate that hectic, “Oh, there’s no where to park!”, Sandy Shores Luxury Apartments has additional parking in our community. Having designated, overflow parking eliminates unnecessary stress for your guests and you won’t have to worry about playing musical cars when a guest wants to leave!


You don’t have to have a huge house to enjoy the company of your friends and family during the holidays. Sandy Shores Village gives our residents enough space to be able to entertain during the holidays!

The best tip we can offer, is to keep it simple and enjoy the day. Share laughs with your guests and think of all the reasons you remain thankful. We are so thankful to have great residents that love calling Sandy Shores their home.

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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